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About Us

NSF International Global Food Division is one of the most widely known and respected global food assurance brands. Through our international network of offices we deliver services and expertise to established and developing food supply operations in all regions of the world.

NSF Global Food Division services include certification, consulting, technical and risk services that enable companies both to comply with legislative and industry standards and gain competitive advantage in their markets.

About NSF International

NSF International, the public health and safety company, is committed to protecting and improving human health around the globe through the provision of assurance and certification services, training, testing and consulting to the water and food industries. NSF services provide consumers with the confidence that what they eat and drink meets or exceeds globally accepted standards of health, safety and provenance.

NSF is the leading international supplier of food assurance and certification services to businesses in the global food supply chain. Through its family of companies it offers it offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that enable companies in the agriculture, processing, manufacturing, retail, catering and leisure industries to comply with legislative requirements and meet or exceed consumer demands for food safety.

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Food Safety Bites - February 2018

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