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Our People and Expertise

At NSF, we believe that compliance – whether to customer, company or regulatory requirements – can be delivered in a way that enhances, not merely protects, business. We aim to offer appropriate technical solutions that also give our clients competitive advantage.

Our people

Uniquely, the NSF Global Food Division team is made up of a wide range of experienced and qualified staff from different technical and commercial backgrounds, who together provide an in-depth understanding of our client’s businesses combined with the ability to develop appropriate technical and commercial solutions.

All our key managers have many years’ relevant industry experience drawn from backgrounds with regulatory/enforcement bodies and industry, with companies in all sectors of the food chain, including major food retailers and manufacturers, hospitality and catering, and agriculture.

NSF’s reputation enables us to recruit and maintain a team of talented industry professionals. With excellent staff loyalty and low staff turnover we are able to maintain exceptional continuity of service in key areas.

Our clients

NSFhas a broad range of clients in the UK and worldwide, from leading companies in the food retailing and hospitality sectors to government departments and agencies. Through our certification and assurance activities, we service many thousands of farmers, producers and food processors in the UK and internationally.

Client relationships

At NSF, we are proud of our well-established client relationships. Our clients tell us that our success is due to the strong creative and operational leadership provided by our senior management team and our matrix management approach – bringing in key expertise at the right time - to support the development of their business. Our clients value our ability to ‘think outside of the box’, developing new ways to tackle problems and bring commercial advantage to their businesses.

What our clients have said about us

"NSF has brought significant experience and wisdom to the SUBWAY® system. In the field of technical advice and support, NSF has helped shape our decision making, adding considerable value to our policies for health and nutrition, whilst providing a top quality service in the day-to-day management of food suppliers and products."  Mike Attwood, Procurement Director, Subway

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