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What Our Clients Say

NSF-CMi Consultancy services

“I think they are the most competent, switched on organisation in this area, they are quite innovative, they are constantly looking for solutions.” Hospitality client

“I think they’ve got a very good reputation within the area in terms of setting high standards for the work they do and the governance of that work and that’s particularly important for us . . .” Government Agency client

NSF-CMi Technical and Outsourcing Services

"Body Temple is the UK’s leading importer and distributor of sports nutrition; supplying a wide network of European countries. For the past two years we have invested considerable time, resources and commitment to ensure US products comply with the latest EC regulations on labelling and ingredients.

In this area Jamie Weall and NSF-CMi Ltd have been invaluable. In addition to it being a pleasure working with Jamie the advice, guidance, training and support he and CMi have given us has been second to none, every step of the way.

Jamie Weall is at the top of his game and we would not entrust the reputation of our Company to anyone else." Kieron M Stanley, Compliance Manager, Body Temple

"NSF-CMi has brought significant experience and wisdom to our in-house system. In the field of technical advice and support, NSF-CMi has helped shape our decision making, adding considerable value to our policies for health and nutrition, whilst providing a top quality service in the day-to-day management of food suppliers and products." Restaurant chain client

“One of the key drivers of success has been the level of trust, integrity and professionalism demonstrated at all times by the NSF-CMi team and this has been critical in fostering a mutually beneficial, close working relationship.” Leisure Services client

“Through cross-functional working, including food and drink supply chains, menu development, retail operations and brand marketing, a strong culture of continuous service improvement is in place.” Hospitality client

“NSF-CMi, a resource that operates like an internal department supporting the business - a virtual department!” Catering client

“What gets measured gets done – we needed to significantly increase the auditing productivity of the in-house team.” Catering client

“By asking NSF-CMi to work with our suppliers to manage the compliance of all our specifications, we were able to regain control of our product development timescales and get back on track and at the same time provide our suppliers with the technical legal support that had been lacking previously.” Retailer client

Audit and Inspection Services

“Through all of our dealings we have found NSF-CMi to be professional, have integrity in the way that they deal with the company, and how they deal sensitively with the confidential information they are entrusted with. They are an extremely competent organisation that we use to radar current and emerging issues.” Retailer client

“We were impressed with the knowledge of confectionery that the assessor, and through a dedicated auditor, CMi helped us develop a challenging assessment focused on compliance with both central and site specific quality systems - That is what we want so that we know we have safe and diligent operating systems.” Manufacturing client 

Certification Services

“With NSF-CMi auditors it’s more of a partnership which is good. There is the feeling that they want to give us the highest possible grade that they can whilst making sure that it’s a worthwhile audit.” Manufacturing client

“A competent, confident and professional outfit who have a good understanding of how to fit a standard into the wide diversity of the food industry.” Processor client

“I’ve always found them very professional. Their image in the UK market is very important for us marketing-wise because of their strong links with the Assured Produce Scheme.” International producer client

“A well-organised professional organisation which is recognised by the food industry” UK farmer client

“We have to meet any new regulations that apply to us immediately. It’s our business, so it’s very important to us to stay ahead of any legislation that may apply. CMi were quick to respond and did the assessment thoroughly and professionally and were a pleasure to work with.” International farming client

“Very professional audits conducted by well organised and trained auditors” Processor client

“We’ve been supported all the way by CMi who’ve allocated assessors that understand fish processing and are used to auditing smaller sites. Because they allocate a small group of people for audits we get good communication and consistency.” Processor client


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