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Food Equipment Certification

Certification of your food equipment products gives you customer recognition, market differentiation and price advantage. Increasingly retail procurement teams are looking for evidence of energy efficiency and cleanability of equipment.

With the NSF mark your products will stand out from the crowd – and it couldn’t be easier.

The process of certification includes:
1. Physical evaluation – a review of design and construction, materials used
and performance testing
2. Materials review and acceptance – intensive toxicological testing
3. Documentation & Certification – full electronically archived documentation
report and your certification award entitling you to use the NSF mark
on your equipment.

If you need more help with understanding how certification standards can work and what the requirements are, we can offer you training and information.

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NSF Certification - In over 80 countries, regulators and inspectors look for and respect the NSF Mark


NSF Certification providing reassurance in new markets outside the EU

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