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Certification and Assurance: Safe Haven Certification Scheme

The Safe Haven Certification Scheme for seed potatoes was instigated by the British Potato Council to keep ring rot at bay, in the wake of an isolated case in Wales. It has been developed in conjunction with Assured Food Standards and will be administered by them.

The scheme standards were developed by the BPC and AFS, and NSF Certification carried out a number of pilot assessments in June, with the final standards published in September 2005.

Members of the scheme are required to use seed from sources which are guaranteed free from ring rot and to have systems in place to prevent the seed coming into contact with infected material or potentially contaminated surfaces or containers.

Growers who are already part of RTA Fresh Produce will benefit from a reduced fee for their Safe Haven audit when conducted as a short bolt-on to their annual assurance visit. Those not currently in RTA Fresh Produce can have a dedicated Safe Haven assessment.


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