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Certification and Assurance: RTA Market and Collection Centre Scheme

NSF Certification is now a Certification Body for the revised Assured British Meat (ABM) Livestock Markets and Collection Centres Standards Scheme.

The standard is designed to demonstrate that livestock sold through any market or collection centre are treated with due regard for animal health and welfare and to reassure the consumer about all aspects of the market operations including food safety and traceability.

The EBLEX Quality Standard Mark (QSM) and the Red Tractor Logo (RTL) has strengthened the need for assurance. It is a requirement of the Quality Standard Mark that all stock must pass through an independently inspected, integrated assurance chain. The ABM Auction Market and Collection Centre Scheme will qualify members to access both the QMS and RTL.

Livestock markets in England joining the scheme are eligible for a 50 per cent reduction in first year inspection and certification costs thanks to a grant
from the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) Supply Chain Grant Scheme.

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