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Risk Services

Risk Assessment Quantification and Management

Protecting and Enhancing British Agriculture

Risk Management Services for Agriculture and Allied Industries.

NSF has developed a new Risk Management service to support farmers by targeting loss reduction and taking on-farm risk management to a new level. The NSF library of Risk assessment standards have been developed to cover the full range of on-farm risks, gaining recognition and increasing support from Government, regulators, insurers and industry bodies. In addition to our extensive range of ‘off the shelf’ risk assessments NSF is also able to design bespoke Risk Assessment Standards for specific situations.


Farmers need to maintain profitable production in the face of daunting operational, economic and regulatory pressures. The primary cause of loss is the lack of preventive standards - those with good standards in place are much less likely to experience a catastrophic event.

Government and Insurers recognise that the quality of on-farm preventive risk management must be taken into account when determining the risk and types of cover to be provided. Many higher risk categories have previously been uninsurable.

Regulators are increasingly looking at ways to reduce the regulatory burden while achieving better compliance.

Food processors and retailers want safety, quality, consistency and continuity of their supply.

NSF services include:

  • Risk assessment, scoring and reporting
  • Measurement at farm level of exposure to internal and external hazards and conformance to defined/recognised standards
  • Risk modelling for prevention and containment

Measurement and benchmarking provides the basis for risk assessed underwriting and differential pricing based on recognition/reward.

Effective risk assessment and measurement of the risks identified is a key tool in management of the risks and targeting of resources.

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