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Risk Services: Services for Farmers

Farmers, in the UK today, face rising costs, increasing liabilities and more onerous regulatory pressures than ever before. As Government and insurers respond to the increasing frequency and severity of risks on farm, the burden of compliance and higher insurance premiums falls on the farm business.

It is proven that good standards of preventive risk management measurably lessen the potential for both insured and uninsurable hazards. With a risk report from NSF Risk Management Services you can protect yourself from the danger of a catastrophic incident on farm by identifying and minimising the potential for harm from both external and internal on-farm activities.

The benefits of NSF risk reports are to:

  • Minimises potential for loss of production and disruption to the business
  • Potential to save you money
    Insurers may reduce premiums for farms with evidence of good risk management practice. The NSF report provides this
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
    The risk report details compliance requirements and your position
  • Reduces the burden of regulatory inspections
    The risk report provides independent evidence of good management and therefore has the potential to reduce the frequency of inspections by Regulatory Authorities
  • Minimises the risk of uninsured losses
    By identifying and making recommendations for action to minimise potential hazards
  • Improves your competitive position
    Food processors and retailers increasingly prefer to source from businesses which can demonstrate safety, quality, consistency and continuity of supply. The NSF report provides evidence that suppliers are monitoring and managing risk .

The risk reports are formatted as a series of optional modules. For more information click here.

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