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SFBB: NSF-CMi working with the FSA and Local Authorities

NSF has worked with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for over five years in the roll-out of the Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) initiative. To find out how NSF can help you please click here

NSF has already worked with over 200 different local authorities in both England and Wales, many on a collaborative basis, to help implement the SFBB programme which is aimed at the smaller size catering businesses such as pubs, restaurants, cafes, take-aways of which there are over 600,000 in the UK employing over three million people.

As the FSA’s contracted framework provider of support services for the programme since it was launched in 2005, NSF has been instrumental to both local authorities and small food businesses, in getting funded projects off the ground in a very practical and accessible way.

NSF has helped Local Authorities through various stages of the SFBB process depending on their needs, ranging from planning the project, to targeting and recruiting appropriate businesses through to running the seminars and conducting one- to-one coaching sessions at their actual premises.

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