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Technical Services: Helpline/Advisory Services and Accident Reporting

A Helpline service is one where an NSF approved technical specialist can be reached at almost any time in order to raise a query or to report an issue. Enquiries can range from simple telephone advice to detailed telephone or written response, right through to complex researched information and subsequent involvement in legal challenges. Every enquiry is recorded in a dedicated database, which provides the ability for trend monitoring and analysis, quick reference for clients and statistical reporting.

A Helpline can assist you with the provision of up to the minute advice on any food hygiene, food safety, health and safety or related subjects.

Accident Reporting

All employers are required to keep records of accidents and incidents. Accident recording and reporting can be managed by NSF through the existing Helpline service. This ensures that any reportable accidents under RIDDOR are handled efficiently and all of the data is professionally analysed and reported.

This also provides key information for you and informs any management review process. NSF can help reduce risk and reduce accident numbers; this will help to keep insurance premiums under control but could also save on the ‘hidden costs’ associated with accidents.

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