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Trading Law: Labelling, Menus and Claims

Food Label and Artwork Approval

Clear, accurate and reliable information is vital to inform consumers, ensure legal compliance and protect your brand.

At NSF we can ensure that all your food labelling is accurate, lawful and clear. This will make sure you do not miss product launch timings or risk bearing the costs of product recall and new labelling and will help you maintain customer confidence in your brand.

Menu Approval, Descriptions and Claims

NSF evaluates all aspects of your menu descriptions and associated claims, paying attention to accuracy information provided to consumers, including ingredients, additives and allegens.

NSF's consultants will help you raise your products’ profiles and at the same time avoid problems with customers, enforcement officers and potential damage to your brand.

Allergen Advice and Audits

NSF experts provide advice on allergen labelling, processes and traceability. Independent allergen audit can be undertaken to provide documentary evidence of physical controls at critical points which ensure provenance of specifications and labels.


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